Terence Matedero


I'm Terence Matedero. Welcome to my website. I currently live in Cheyenne, WY, with my wife and three children. I have been writing short stories and poetry off and on since my early 20's. After I read Stephen King's "On Writing", I was inspired to write my first novel, "Mommy Monster." I rediscovered my passion during the process of completing that novel and it has only blossomed. My second novel, "Dream Sweet" was released in January 2012, and my third "TRUTH ~ The Brotherhood" was released in October 2012. I am currently working on book two of the trilogy TRUTH, and I have another special surprise for my readers to be published soon.
You can read my books with KDP select for free, or purchase copies in trade paperback for your library. You won't be disappointed!

"Although a late bloomer by some standards, Terence has a unique voice and completely immerses the reader into his story. He is an up and coming author that you will want to take notice of."